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Together We Can Reach The Lebanese People For Christ

Samuel in Lebanon

The Pastor...

Hello, my name is Samuel Saleb. I was born and raised in a pastor's family in Sohag, Egypt. I came to the United States in 2010, and a few years after coming here, God led me to Rhema Bible Training College to learn how to become an effective missionary. After graduation, God started putting on it my heart to go to Lebanon as a full-time missionary.

The People...

There is a church located in Kafr Zabad, Lebanon that has asked me to become their pastor. The church happens to be located right next to the Syrian border where there is a large refugee camp. There are plastic tents as far as the eye can see that now house thousands of men, women, and children who have fled from their homes, lives and everything they knew for safety.

Refugee Camp
The Church In Lebanon

The Partners...

In order to reach these people, I need individuals who are willing to pray for me regularly and also others who can help support me financially. My monthly budget is about $2,285. You can view a Detailed List of Expenses Here. If you would like to become a financial partner, you can click the "Give By PayPal" button or the link below which will take you to a page that has all the ways you can give.

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